Beer's aromatic compounds and antioxidants degrade when exposed to oxygen, daylight, or rising temperatures, as any beer lover knows. However, when customers buy Lethbridge beer in the shop, every enthusiast likes to know about its storage methods. Here in this post, we have provided some tips on ways to store beer:

What is the recommended procedure to store beer?

Beer should be stored properly to maintain its quality for the duration of its shelf life. That's usually a month or two at the most. However, certain types of drinks may survive for years if kept in good condition. Beer tastes and smells best when kept at a temperature between 51-54 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, any well-designed beer fridge will enable you to maintain a temperature within this range. A good beer refrigerator will also protect the bottles from the sun's rays, which may hasten the aging process if they are exposed for too long.

What kind of beer lasts longer?

The shelf life of Lethbridge liquor store-provided beer is often longer than that of home-brewed beer. Commercially brewed beers have a longer shelf life than craft beers because of the larger volume produced. This is because bigger brewers take precautions to ensure their beers don't spoil while in transportation. If you plan on serving the beers immediately or having visitors drink them, they won't have time to get stale. Be sure to drink your beer as soon as possible once it's made.

When does the beer start to go bad?

For the most part, commercial beer doesn't start to taste stale until far beyond the freshness date, which is often six to twenty-four months after production. Compared to lighter beers, darker, more robust ones will age more slowly. There's a chance homebrews won't last as long as commercial brands in the fridge. Commercial brewers take more safeguards to prevent their beers from maturing since they must travel hundreds of kilometers to reach retailers.

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