Need help finding the right wine to pair with a fiery barbecue? Or perhaps you're trying to find a drink that will complement your next Indian meal. Remember that just as there is the wine to pair with your rich cheese dip meals, there must be wine to pair with your spicy dishes. Don't feel bad if you've tried and failed to pair spicy food with wine before. You can use this handy guide to pair perfectly with even the most out-of-the-ordinary spicy dishes. Here are some wine-matching rules that many famous Lethbridge liquor stores recommend:

Combine the food with light flavour and sweet wine:

You know how hot these spicy meals can be. Especially if you are trying a dish like the Mexican Chorizo or the Indian chicken tikka masala, you need relief from the hotness on your tongue. Try pairing a wine that can tame the flame in your mouth. There are several sweet and easy-drinking wines that would go well here. These beverages are light in body and flavour, with little oak influence. All of those are crucial in the quest to alleviate the pain brought on by spicy meals.

Add some bubbles for these dishes:

If you are planning to eat spicy food, which is high in fat content as well, you can try a chilled wine with a touch of carbonation and sweetness to it. Examples of these high-fat dishes could be spicy chicken legs, chicken ribs, Korean chicken or fish fry, Indian curry meals, Spanish chorizo, and fried potatoes. You get the picture.

Be choosy on the red wine:

Now, what if your favourite Lethbridge liquor drink is red wine? Does this mean that you can’t drink this with spicy food? Not exactly. If you are a red wine drinker, you can pick a light-coloured and low-alcohol drink here. The key here is to use chilled red wine so that you don’t feel the burn of the drink as well as the food alongside. It is all about neutralizing the effects.

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